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Research Tech Lab: „Enriching image data with AI“ with Jason Chao
Mittwoch, 15. - Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2021, 11:00-12:30 Uhr

Enriching image data with AI
Participants will learn how to exploit AI technologies to enrich image datasets. 

Participants will be introduced to the affordances of computer vision APIs supported by Memespector-GUI:


  • Google Vision (proprietary)

  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services (proprietary)

  • Clarifai (proprietary)

  • Image classifier based on Keras (open source)


Memespector-GUI is a tool with graphical user interface which helps researchers invoke proprietary and open source computer vision APIs to analyse images with ease.

Preparation:  In this tech lab session, we recommend that the participants try invoking at least one proprietary API to process an image dataset.  Participants are advised to register with one of the APIs beforehand by following the instructions for Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Clarifai.  (Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure may ask for bank card details.  They will check whether the card is active but will not charge on the card in the process of registration.) In case any participant has difficulty opening an account with the API services, the facilitators will make temporary access tokens for the APIs, which will be valid in the course of the session, available to the participants. 

Note on proprietary APIs:  Proprietary APIs are commercial services and using them is not necessarily free of charge.  Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Clarifai provide each account with monthly quotas of free API requests.  Moreover, new accounts usually receive free credits from Google Vision and Microsoft Azure which are adequate for processing tens of thousands of images.



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