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Interviewing in Practice and Theory (A01, A02)
Dienstag, 21. - Mittwoch, 22. September 2021

This workshop will be held in a hybrid format in English. It starts 11:00 on September 21 and ends 17:50 on Sept 22. On both days, the earlier session is a workshop, which will be run for a small group in an interactive format by Thomas Haigh, an historian of computing and experienced oral history interviewer who has conducted interviews sponsored by the ACM, SIAM, and the Software History Center. Attendance in person is preferred if possible, to allow for easy discussion and informal chats over lunch. The events after lunch will be talks and a roundtable discussion featuring other experts on historical interviewing, most of whom are participating remotely. 

Speakers: Thomas Haigh (organizer, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee & Siegen University); Valérie Schafer (organizer, University of Luxembourg); Sebastian Giessmann (organizer, Siegen University); David Brock (Computer History Museum) & Milica Popovic (Global Observatory on Academic Freedom, Central European University).

Full details, including registration, are at https://www.socialstudiesof.info/interviewworkshop/. There is no charge for participation.