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Lecture Series „Research at Risk“ – Oleksiy Radynski: „The Deal of the Century: Towards the Genealogy of Fossil Fascism“
Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2023, 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr

The Deal of the Century: Towards the Genealogy of Fossil Fascism.

In 1970, a contract was signed between the USSR and the Federal Republic of Germany, envisioning the deliveries of Siberian natural gas in exchange for German technology. This ‘Deal of the century’, as dubbed by the Soviet media, is known in the West under a humbler name ‘gas in exchange for pipes’. The presentation looks at the afterlife of this deal between Russia and Germany and discusses the impact on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine as well as ideological implications of extractivism and trade with Russian fossil fuels and how this affects Russian (and German) politics. Taking 1970 as a point of departure, it’s worth asking: What if the Pipe is the new Wall, an infrastructure of oppression that’s fluid rather than rigid, dissecting and transversing the continent with invisible energy flows that help authoritarian economic models dominate over democratic politics?


About the lecture series

In view of the current political situation, especially the war in Ukraine and the protest movement in Iran, the lecture series “Research at Risk!” is an invitation to discuss the challenges of research in media, theater and cultural studies in crises and war regions beyond national and cultural boundaries. We have invited experts from various disciplinary and geo-political situations/positions to present their research on topics related to the wars and crises in our world and how this affects their research.

The lectures focus on research practices in war and crises as well as on scientific/activist work on war and crises. Specifically, our speakers address the questions of how research, education and study can be carried out under hostile conditions and what influence war, political oppression, diaspora and other crisis-related impacts have on the production of knowledge. Which forms of knowledge and cultures receive credit in the academic world, and which are excluded? Where do scientists and students place the significance of the media when faced with these circumstances?

The event is a continuation of an initiative from within German Media Studies to support scholars at risk affected by the ongoing Russian invasion on Ukraine. We want to use the attention currently being raised by the war in Ukraine to give stage to researchers from various zones of war and risk across Europe and worldwide, including Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Turkey, Kamerun, and Afghanistan.

The lecture series „Research at Risk“ is a cooperation project of German media scholars and supported by: the CRC 1187 “Media of Cooperation”, the CRC 1472 “Transformationen des Popuren and the Media Studies department at the University of Siegen, the Graduiertenkolleg 2132 “Das Dokumentarische and the Faculty for Philology at Ruhr University Bochum, and the European Media Studies at the University Flensburg.

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