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Annual Conference 2021: „Re-Situating Learning: Making Sense of Data, Media and Dis/Unities of Practice“
Montag, 25. - Freitag, 29. Oktober 2021


The year 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the original publication of Jean Lave’s and Etienne Wenger’s seminal book “Situated Learning”. Digital media have since transformed the parameters of communal practice and participation. In many cases, learning in/as social practice has been re-situated to settings that are infrastructurally stabilized, yet locally and socially distributed; establishing new communities of practice that are themselves characterized by ephemerality and fluidity as fragmented, graduated, and networked publics. Taking this transformation as a starting point, this year’s annual conference of the collaborative research center “Media of Cooperation” will reexamine the relations between learning and digital media from various angles.

The annual conference takes place on 25–29 October 2021. It is structured in an evening event opening the conference with a keynote by Jean Lave, and four thematic panels including keynotes around the topics "Intercorporeality and Learning" (Keynote: Thomas Alkemeyer), "Decolonizing Learning, Rethinking Research" (Keynote: Koen Leurs), "Cross-Community Learning" (Keynote: Gerhard Fischer) and "Human-Machine-Learning" (Keynote: Mercedes Bunz).


Responsible subprojects: A03, A05, B04, B05, B08

Concept and organization of the annual conference 2021: Konstantin Aal, Hendrik Bender, Marcus Burkhardt, Susanne Förster, Pip Hare, Sam Hind, Timo Kaerlein, Max Kanderske, Karina Kirsten, Claudia Müller, Fernando van der Vlist, Anne Weibert, Jutta Wiesemann, Martin Zillinger



Attendance of the conference is free of charge. The conference is a virtual event hosted using the Zoom video-conferencing service. To register your attendance and receive the access link, please write an email to: annualconference2021@sfb1187.uni-siegen.de


Conference website: www.resituating-learning.mediacoop.uni-siegen.de