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Werkstatt Medienpraxistheorie – Media practices and their social effects: Workshop with John Postill
Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2022, 11:00 - 12:30 Uhr

In this paper I draw from the practice theory and media anthropology literature, as well as from a range of empirical studies, including my own anthropological research in Malaysia and Spain, to discuss the effects of media-related practices in people’s social worlds. I argue that these social effects come in two main varieties – mediatising effects and worlding effects – and that this area is ripe for further media ethnographic work, so long as we overcome our customary aversion to the notion of media effects.

Keywords: media practices, media effects, social effects, practice theory, social change, media anthropology, media ethnography

John Postill gained a PhD in Anthropology from University College London in 2000. He specialises in the study of political communication, media practices and sociocultural change and to date has conducted fieldwork in Malaysia, Indonesia and Spain. He currently lectures at the School of Media and Communication, RMIT University, Melbourne. His publications include The Rise of Nerd Politics (2018), Digital Ethnography (2016), Localizing the Internet (2011), Theorising Media and Practice (2010) and Media and Nation Building (2006). He is presently researching ‘woke’ politics and writing his first novel – a work of social science fiction titled Life of Piñas. He is also planning a book on political culture and historical agency in the digital era