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Ringvorlesung: „Learning (in) Digital Media“- Petra Missomelius (Universität Innsbruck): „‚Digital education‘ and the IT industry“
Dienstag, 09. November 2021, 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr

Die Ringvorlesung findet als hybride Veranstaltung mit Teilnahme vor Ort und online-Zugang statt. Der Zoom-Link für die Vorlesung wird rechtzeitig über die Mailingliste des SFB zur Verfügung gestellt. Gäste können sich per Mail bei Damaris Lehmann anmelden. Sende eine E-Mail


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Petra Missomelius (Universität Innsbruck): „‚Digital education‘ and the IT industry“

In the past, one could speak of a ‘world education market’, which consisted strongly of potential estimates and forecasts, but now we can see that a ‘global education industry’ has developed. The global tech industry like IBM, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. are successful in the educational technology businesses proposing that the solution of a problematic educational system should obviously be in the hands of private sector technology companies with their entrepreneurial experience and business success. In this lecture we will discuss how commercial organizations are engaging in education, even if it means that they must change business models and practices. Ultimately, these education industries offer high expansion potential for investors. We will investigate what it means when these players re-invent education. 


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Langfassung/Onlineversion: https://horst-niesyto.de/gesamtuebersicht-publikationen/ [Kurzfassung/Printversion: medien+erziehung, Heft 1/2021, S. 23-28].


Petra Missomelius, Assoc. Prof. PD Dr. is a Media Scholar in the Department of Media, Society and Communication at Innsbruck University. Dissertation at Marburg University, Habilitation thesis on Education and media culture. Her Research is focused on audio-visual online cultures (current: mourning and commemoration during the pandemic) and digital infrastructures in the context of work process innovation.