The research project CRC 1187 investigates media as cooperatively worked out conditions of cooperation, whose practices and techniques arise from the mutual production and provision of shared means and processes. The CRC is divided into three project areas that, in interrelation, each focus on different aspects.

Project area A focuses on media infrastructures, and project area B on media public spheres. Technological infrastructures and media infrastructures lead to public controversies about their regulation and shaping; public media are based on technological infrastructures and their institutional negotiations. The two project areas of the CRC conduct research on and shape this reciprocal constituting of media infrastructures and public spheres.

Project area P is devoted to a new perspective on the history and analysis of media that prioritizes practice over all other dimensions and therefore foregrounds production and work processes.

A - Infrastructures
Computerised infrastructures and sensor technologies are increasingly permeating all areas of life and work. The subprojects of A seek to address the problems this raises by focusing on the technical dimensions and social consequences of media infrastructures in digital healthcare, advertising and personal data, mobility and navigation.
B - Publics
Digitale Daten und Infrastrukturen konstituieren eigene Öffentlichkeiten. Mit seinem Anspruch, das Öffentlichkeitskonzept zu pluralisieren, untersucht der Projektbereich B des SFB intime, fragmentierte, gestaffelte wie auch globale Öffentlichkeiten. Im Zentrum steht dabei die kooperative Verfertigung von medialen und datengetriebenen Öffentlichkeiten.
P - Sensory Praxeology
Media, sensors, and technologies are embedded in various sensing contexts, leading to an increasing interweaving of human and technical sensors. Project area P explores this socio-technical cooperation based on specific media and sensory practices in its subprojects.
Transfer Projects
The programme modules expand the research programme with digital infrastructures for collaborative research, structure the training programme for doctoral students and integrate heterogeneous publics cooperatively into the research.
Finished Projects
Archive Phase 2