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B03 - “Going Public” in Media-Cooperative Forms of Engagement



Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Sigrid Baringhorst 


Lisa Villioth

Dr. Mundo Yang

Student Assistants:

Katharina Gröger

Katrin Hedemann

Andrea Issinger

Nicole Landefeld

Former Student Assistants:

Maurits Heumann

Björn Müller

Christoph Schweisfurth


With the help of social media new forms of civil society engagement have emerged. Particularly within the issue-publics of green energy and sustainable agriculture, citizens apply new approaches of publishing claims online as well as offline. The research project reconstructs these new forms of civic engagement by using interviews, participation diaries and netnografy. The goal is to elucidate change agents, main media practices, motives, and learning processes. The cases under study vary regarding their contentious or problem-solving, experimental character. The main objective of the research project is a new concept of 'creative publics' based on John Dewey's democratic experimentalism.



"Wir-haben-es-satt-Demonstration" Berlin, 16. Jan. 2016. Foto: Mundo Yang

Department Blog: https://greenovationunisiegen.wordpress.com/




This chapter focuses on how media used within political consumerism are to be studied. There are basically two research traditions in the state of the art. The first focuses on phenomena such as culture jamming, while the second analyzes the effects of discursive political consumerism on mass media. The former derives its concepts from media studies, while the latter applies methods such as content analysis and frame interpretation from communication studies.

Yang, M., & Baringhorst, S. (2018). Studying Media Within Political Consumerism: Past and Present. In M. Boström, M. Micheletti, & P. Oosterveer (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism. Oxford: Oxford University Press.