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B06 - Un-/desired Observation in Interaction: “Intelligent Personal Assistants” (IPA)


Participants wanted

Do you want to purchase a Smart Speaker? We are looking for German-speaking participants for our study and would like to accompany you during the setup of the device. We can compensate your time with an amount between 30 and 140 Euros depending on your involvement in our study. Contact: ipa-studie@uni-siegen.de


Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Stephan Habscheid

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Hoffmann

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer (formerly)


Tim Moritz Hector

Dr. Christine Hrncal

Dr. David Waldecker

Student Assistants:

Viviane Börner

Aileen Halbe

Alexander Martin

Miriam Müller

Franziska Niersberger-Gueye

Franziska Petri


Dr. des. Kathrin Englert

Jacqueline Klesse

Dr. Vincent Knopp

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer

Dr. habil Oliver Schmidtke

Tamara Schwertel


In the first phase, the project examined publication practices and discursive / practical demarcations drawn by young people in dealing with Social Media from the perspective of producing 'requested' attention and avoiding 'unsolicited' observation. The analysis mainly focused on argumentatively shaped "orders of justification" in the sense of Boltanski and Thévenot, and thus a case of mutual production of cooperation under problematic media‐related conditions.

Based on this in the second phase the project investigates how stationary "Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPA)" with "Voice User Interfaces" (VUI) are integrated by domestic users into their verbal interaction and everyday practices and negotiated in situ against a background of tensions between requested/required responsiveness and problematic observation/utilization of linguistic input. Complementary to this, the project aims to gain insights into the black box behind the commercial VUI with the help of experts in the institutional processing and exploitation of such data – also in connection with digital methods.




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