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B07 - Media Practices and Copyright Law: Social and Legal Framework for the Cooperative and Derivative Creation of Copyrighted Works in the Digital Environment

Principal Investigators:

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Hoffmann

Prof. Dr. jur. Nadine Klass


Kamila Kempfert

       Yavor Stamenov

Dr. Wolfgang Reißmann (on leave in summer term 2019)

Dr. Jörg-Uwe Nieland (associated)

       Sibel Kocatepe (associated)

Svenja Kaiser (associated)


Media practices of the derivative and cooperative creation as well as the publication of copyrighted works are leading increasingly towards a loss of acceptance resulting in a crisis of legitimacy in copyright law, particularly in the digital environment. Inspired by the Anglo-American empirical legal studies, the research project links media ethnography and motivation analysis with the task to shape the law. In the subject area of fan fiction, the project is establishing the essential framework conditions for the cooperative creation of works as basis for a proposal for a modern copyright law depicting the current realities in media.