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A04 - Normal Interruptions of Service. Structure and Change of Public Infrastructures


Principal Investigators:

Prof. Dr. Jörg Potthast


Dr. Stefan Laser

Dr. Tobias Röhl


Using public transport as an exemplary case, the project investigates media and modes of cooperation in situations of infrastructural breakdown. Analyzing technical breakdowns reveals how infrastructures and publics are related. In doing so, a plurality of normative orders and their mediation by and for different actors is made visible.

While the first phase focused on the operational practices of dealing with disruptions, the second phase traces the temporal extension of transportation management. Making use of digital data practices transportation management is increasingly temporally extended to the prelude and aftermath of disruptions. Accordingly, three temporal modes of transportation management will be analyzed in the second phase: before, during and after the breakdown. Before disruptions occur, we find anticipating sensory media allowing to detect disruptions at an ever earlier time. During disruptions passengers are informed about delays almost instantaneously via apps on their smartphones. The time after the disruption is prolonged even further by new digital means of customer complaint and automated collection of data allowing organizations to evaluate and readjust their own practices. The project investigates the interplay of these different modes of dealing with disruptions scrutinizing the heterogeneity of normative orders.


Project Abstract (german)





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