WPT - Workshop Practice Theory

Finished after Phase I.

The Lecture and Workshop Series Media Practice Theory is part of the Collaborative Research Center (SFB 1187) Media of Cooperation since launching in 2016. The aim of the series is to develop a theory of digital praxeology. Now in its second funding phase (2020-2023), the series combines evening lectures by international scholars followed by workshops featuring specific texts proved by our guests. We have about 3-4 lectures / workshops each semester as a part of our integrated graduate school MGK.

During the first funding phase (2016-2019), the Lecture and Workshop Series, called only Practice Theory, has established a central discussion forum about practice-theoretical approaches. The overall objective was to develop new perspectives on media history and media analysis. It is giving primacy to “practice” while focussing on processes of media production and work. We set out exploring media practices related to “coordination”, “delegation”, “registration & identification”, both with regard to a sound empirical foundation and to theoretical reflection. These methodological foundations and reflections lead into setting up the new subprojects P02 Media of Praxeology II: History of audio-visual sequence analysis as a methodology and P03 Media of Praxeology III: Digital Tools and Environments for Research Medien for the second funding phase.

Contact: Dr. Johannes F.M. Schick [E-mail]


Selected publications


The publication studies four aspects of the practice turn in media studies: Media history from a praxeological perspective, the practice turn in religion and media studies, the connecting and dividing lines of media theories concerning gender and post_colonial agencies, and a historical and theoretical examination of the current relationship of media theory and practice theory.

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Gießmann, S., Röhl, T., & Trischler, R. (Eds.). (2019). Materialität der Kooperation. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.


This paper explores the relationship between knowledge and practice, knowledgeable practices, knowing in practice and knowledge as a situated activity. It traces a tradition of sociological thought in practice theories that derives from studies of scientific knowledge and that challenges the conventional understanding of the ‘social’ as human-centred. The understanding of practice is grounded in an actor-network approach and in feminist Science and Technology Studies.

Gherardi, Silvia. 2019. Practice as a collective and knowledgeable doing. CRC 1187 Media of Cooperation Working Paper Series, No. 8.


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At the intersection of Science and Technology Studies and Media Studies the volume asks for the continuing actuality and productivity of Susan Leigh Stars (1954-2010) works on boundary objects, marginality, work, infrastructures and communities of practice. For the first time the seminal works by Star are published in German and are made available in Open Access.

Star, S. L. (2017). Grenzobjekte und Medienforschung. (S. Gießmann & N. Taha, Eds.) (Vol. 10). Bielefeld: transcript.


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The landscape of social theory has changed significantly over the three decades since the publication of Anthony Giddens and Jonathan Turner’s seminal Social Theory Today. Sociologists in the twenty-first century desperately need a new agenda centered around central questions of social theory. In Social Theory Now, Claudio E. Benzecry, Monika Krause, and Isaac Ariail Reed set a new course for sociologists, bringing together contributions from the most distinctive sociological traditions in an ambitious survey of where social theory is today and where it might be going.

Potthast, Jörg (2017b): The sociology of conventions and testing. In: Benzecry, Claudio; Monika Krause & Isaac Ariail Reed (eds.) Social theory now. Chicago: UP, 337-360.