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B04 - Digital Publics and Social Transformation in the Maghreb



Principal Investigators:

Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Zillinger

Dr. Markus Rohde


Konstantin Aal

Simon Holdermann

Dr. Peter Tolmie

Victoria Wenzelmann


The project focuses on media practices in Marocco and analyzes the emergence of a civil society and the constitution of new public spheres during ongoing processes of social transformation in North Africa. The rapid spread of digital media in the Arab world led to new demands for political participation and has challenged hegemonic power structures since. In this context, socio-informatic research and design zoom in on media infrastructures while media-ethnological research investigates how new media practices (re-)establish issues of concern shaping and re-shaping different public realms. The integrated research perspective analyzes the relationship between civil society, co-operatively constituted publics and their media infrastructures in situ.