Public relations: cooperative research and design

War Sensing

Social Interaction in Semi-Automated Road Traffic

Precision Farming: Co-operative Practices of Virtual Fencing

Bicycle Media. Cooperative Media of Mobility

The Industry of Personal Data

Integrated Research Training Group

Research infrastructures and their appropriation for qualitative-interpretive research practices

Media of Praxeology II: History of audio-visual sequence analysis as a methodology

Media of Praxeology I: The “Discovery Procedures” of Science and Technology Studies

A - Infrastructures
Contemporary and historical digital media involve and combine cooperative tools, platforms and infrastructures. Project area A of the CRC ‘Cooperative Media’ therefore focuses on practices of infrastructuring.
B - Publics
Digital data and infrastructures constitute specific publics. With its claim to pluralize the concept of publics, project area B of the CRC ‘Cooperative Media’ analyzes intimate, fragmented, staggered, and global publics. Central here is the cooperative production of mediated and data-driven publics.
P - Praxeology
Project area P reevaluates the ethnomethodological understanding of praxeology. The three subprojects “Media of Praxeology I-III” contribute to the historicization of Science and Technology Studies as well as to the reflection of methods in Media Studies and Social Sciences. The subprojects therefore complement and support project areas A and B.
Transfer Projects
The program modules INF and MGK expand the research program by integrating the development of digital research infrastructures (INF), by offering a structured training program for doctoral students of the CRC in form of an integrated Research Training Group (MGK) and prepare the findings of the SFB for a broad public (Ö).
Finished Projects
Archive Phase 2