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New book on Gender and Technology at work

The book Gender and Technology at Work: From Workplace Studies to Social Justice in Design, auhtored by our member Volker Wulff (project B04) and others, brings together the vast research literature about gender and technology to help designers understand what a gender perspective and a focus on intersectionality can contribute to designing information technology systems and artifacts, and to assist organizations as they work to develop work cultures that are supportive of women and marginalized genders and people. Drawing on empirical and analytical studies of women’s work and technology in many parts of the world, the book addresses how to make invisible aspects of work visible; how to recognize women’s skills without falling into the trap of gender stereotyping; how to engage in improving working conditions; and how to defend care of life situations and needs against a managerial logic.

It addresses challenges for design, including many overlooked and undervalued aspects, such as the complexities involved in human–machine interactions, as well as the need to create safe spaces for research subjects.

  • Explores how work in relation to technology is mediated in complex ways by ethnic, cultural, and class backgrounds as well as issues of sexuality
  • Presents views about how to build pathways to gender equality in design, addressing wider structural issues that need to be addressed when working towards design justice
  • Takes an interdisciplinary approach, including literature from the social sciences, ergonomics, health sciences, computer science, and design disciplines

Table of contents