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Workshop “Research Integrity: the Rules of Good Scientific Practice” – organized by the House of Young Talents
Thursday, 03 November 2022, 10:15 - 15:45

“Research Integrity” AKA the “Rules of Good Scientific Practice” is an important topic which is nevertheless often neglected, so that many uncertainties persist not only among beginners, but also among more experienced researchers, about what is clearly allowed, what is clearly prohibited, and what is in between. Significant discrepancies between the official guidelines and traditional practices do not make things any easier. Many researchers fear falling foul of the rules and being sanctioned.

The workshop will cover the following aspects, referring to the official documents of Siegen University and the German Research Foundation, the DFG:

  • What are the “Rules of Good Scientific Practice” and how are they related to “Research Ethics” and to “Questionable Research Practices”?
  • Power abuse, false incentives (“Publish or Perish!”) and weak sanctions as drivers of mis-conduct: What can be done? What can you do?
  • Misconduct regarding data (falsification, fabrication etc.) and how to prevent or counter-act it (data management; Open Science)
  • Misconduct regarding authorship (plagiarism etc.) and how to prevent or counteract it (clear rules in conformity with official guidelines; literature management software)

All modules will be interactive and give participants clear guidance on how to avoid academic misconduct in their own sphere of responsibility.

Organized by the House of Young Talents

The Workshop will take place online and is held in English.

7 places are reserved for CRC members till 2 weeks before the workshop

Intended group: all docs and postdocs

We kindly ask for registration by 20 October 2022 here.


Online event