Women’s Networking Day
Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 15:00 - 18:00

In cooperation with the Collaborative Research Centre „Media of Cooperation“, Locating Media is hosting a „Women’s Networking Day“. The event offers opportunities for internal networking for female researchers in the two participating institutions and the possibility to get to know researchers from other universities working in related fields and to learn from their experience. In the afternoon, invited speakers will start a conversation about selected topics connected to working in academia by giving short „career talks“, to be continued at the subsequent dinner.


Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Dr. Ilona Horwath (Paderborn) will talk about public relations in the context of a diversity-focused research project that has been attacked by right-wing and masculinist commentators

Prof. Dr. Diana Lengersdorf (Bielefeld) will talk about gender-based divisions of labour in academia with a focus on contemporary configurations of masculinity

Dr. Mirna Zeman (Hagen) will talk about fashion as a gendered research topic