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Research Tech Lab – Session 7: “Structuring and Tagging Letter Correspondences II”
Wednesday, 07 February 2018, 13:00-14:30
In this module, we explore the field of Digital Scholarly Editions (Digital Humanities) in our CRC 1187 by looking at the requirements and possible solutions for an online platform for the Wittgenstein Research and Cooperation at the University of Siegen. The need for building such a platform is to present research results in the form of essays and to connect those with the already existing platform "Wittgenstein source"(​http://www.wittgensteinsource.org/)plus other relevant material. This required platform aims at dealing with the collection, development and analysis of all research materials of the Wittgenstein Research within the subproject P01, “Practice Theory’s Scholarly Media: Harold Garfinkel and Ludwig Wittgenstein” and possibly other projects that work with similar types of sources (letters) of the same era. Letters will have to be edited, annotated and presented online using a simple editor.     Last summer, we had a very interesting session in the Research Tech Lab by subproject P01 on work practices (pdf-scans and more), and we would like to show the new developments and work since then. The transcriptions of letters, XML-compiled text files will play a role again but also technical issues:    In the previous half year, ZIMT has been working very closely with subproject P01 to give advice w.r.t. the technical infrastructures, i.e. helping in the selection of tools and giving advice regarding the platform, collaborating with possible existing technical service providers, the SUB in Göttingen and other libraries. This is another topic we will address next Wednesday.    Background reading:    Elements of an e-Platform for Wittgenstein Research Alois Pichler, Deirdre Smith, Rune J. Falch, and Wilhelm Krüger -http://wab.uib.no//alois/apichler_dsmith_rfalch_wkrueger-kirchb2012.pdf


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