• B04 - Digital Publics and Social Transformation in the Maghreb


11 April 2022
Aid and support for Ukraine
The CRC “Media of Cooperation” condemns Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. We are deeply concerned for and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, fellow academics, our colleagues, students, their friends and families. ... read more
01 September 2023
New CRC Working Paper short series: Defining Digitalities I – III
The new three part short series of publications »Defining Digitalities I – III« in the Working Paper Series by Thomas Haigh and Sebastian Gießmann asks "What's Digital about Digits?" (No. 30, July 2023), "What's Digital About Digital Communication?" ... read more
28 June 2023
New CRC Working Paper Nr. 29 “Anything can happen on a smartphone…”
The new publication “‚Anything can happen on a smartphone…‘ – Mutual explorations of digitalization and social transformation in Morocco’s High Atlas through On/Offline Theatre Ethnography” by Nina ter Laan in collaboration ... read more
07 June 2023
New CRC Working Paper Nr. 28 “Testing ‘AI’: Do We Have a Situation?”
The new publication »Testing ‘AI’: Do We Have a Situation?« of the Working Paper Series (No. 28, June 2023) is based on the transcription of a recent conversation between the authors, Noortje Marres und Philippe Sormani, regarding current ... read more
11 May 2023
Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Die Ausstellung zu Sinnespraktiken in digitalen Kindheiten wird am 13. Mai 23 um 16 Uhr eröffnet Was wird aus dem Berühren beim Zusammensein in digitalen Räumen? Geht das Berühren verloren, ... read more
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Wed. 27 September 2023 - Fri. 29 September 2023
Exhibition: Reinventing Touch. Sensory practices in digital childhoods
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Tue. 17 October 2023, 10:00 - 12:00
Workshop "Introduction to Financial Strategies and Retirement Provision" - Claudia Müller
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Fri. 03 November 2023 - Sat. 04 November 2023
Master Class Media Ethnography - Part 1
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Thu. 09 November 2023 - Fri. 10 November 2023
Conference "Diverse Körperlichkeit(en) von Sensormedien? Situierung, Differenzierung, Standardisierung"
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Fri. 17 November 2023 - Sat. 18 November 2023
Master Class Media Ethnography - Part 2
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Thu. 30 November 2023 - Fri. 01 December 2023
Conference "Materialität – Affekt – Mobilität. Perspektiven auf eine Relation" (A04)
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