• B08 - Agentic Media: Formations of Semi-Autonomy


28 July 2021
New CRC Working Paper on the technicity of platform governance published
    How are application programming interfaces (APIs) tied into the power of and the governance by large digital platforms? Based on empirical and evolutionary analysis, the authors of the new publication “The Technicity of Platform ... read more
30 June 2021
Lost and found: transforming assistance at digital Deutsche Bahn
How does digitization relate to assistance? A mishap sparked a profound study on contemporary redistribution of assistance at Deutsche Bahn. When sociology professor Jörg Potthast lost his phone and wallet on a train in 2015, he found himself ... read more
22 June 2021
In the Spirit of Addition: Taking a ‘Practice + Approach’ to Studying Media
Are there limits to thinking with, and through, practice? Scholars across media studies talk variously of ‘everyday’, ‘situated’, ‘digital’, and ‘media’ practices as well as, increasingly, ‘app’ and ‘data’ practices. ... read more
05 June 2021
New episode of our podcast series “History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences“
How and why does language change? Linguist and language historian James McElvenny, together with other language scientists, tackles this question on his blog hiphilangsci.net. Showing and encouraging the diversity of lingistic ... read more
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Wed. 18 August 2021, 10:00 - 17:00
Autor*innenworkshop “NAVIGATION. PRAKTIKEN – MEDIEN – THEORIEN – EPISTEMOLOGIEN” (Christoph Borbach, Max Kanderske)
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Tue. 07 September 2021, 14:00 - 16:00
Praktiken der Welterzeugung in der digitalen Kindheit: Was als Berühren beobachtbar ist – Online-Workshop mit dem B05-Team
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Thu. 09 September 2021 - Fri. 10 September 2021
Conference: Synchronizing Data in Organizations (A04)
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Tue. 21 September 2021 - Wed. 22 September 2021
Oral History - Workshop with Thomas Haigh
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Mon. 25 October 2021 - Fri. 29 October 2021
Annual Conference 2021: Practices of Learning
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Mon. 08 November 2021 - Wed. 10 November 2021
Data Lab: Making Sense of Sensor Data
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