• A01 - Digital Network Technologies Between Specialization and Generalization


06 December 2021
Workshop “Test Society/Covid-19” explores Twitter images associated with COVID-19 testing
What do images from the web and social media connected to Covid-19 testing tell us about issues, big and small, in the world? And how can they be repurposed for the study of testing situations? In the hands-on workshop “Test Society/Covid-19” ... read more
25 November 2021
The online conference “Digital Matters” discusses the materiality of the digital
How and why did people come to deny the materiality of the digital? What can we learn by recovering it? What if we rethink digital materialities as ongoing cooperative accomplishments? From December 1–3 2021 historians, media theorists and ... read more
20 October 2021
CRC Annual Conference 2021 focuses on practices of “Re-Situating Learning”
Once again scholars come together in the CRC annual conference to share their research. This year’s conference “Re-Situating Learning: Making Sense of Data, Media and Dis/Unities of Learning Practices” is all about learning. This is no ... read more
28 September 2021
2 Short-Term Scholarships in the integrated graduate school of the CRC from January 2022
The University of Siegen is an interdisciplinary and cosmopolitan university with currently about 18,000 students and a range of subjects from the humanities, social sciences and economics to natural, engineering and life sciences. With over ... read more
07 September 2021
The CRC Winter’s Lecture Series: Learning (in) Digital Media
How are learning and digital media connected? And how are digital media shaping practices of learning? Nowadays many aspects of life aren't imaginable anymore without digital media, including the area of learning. This winter’s lecture series ... read more
17 August 2021
First Mixing Methods Summer School at the SFB – Researchers explore “Breaching Experiments“
The first Mixing Methods Summer School of the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 1187) “Media of Cooperation” took place online from 26 to 30 July 2021 and focused on "Breaching Digital Media / Respecifying Ethnomethodology". Situated within ... read more
28 July 2021
New CRC Working Paper on the technicity of platform governance published
    How are application programming interfaces (APIs) tied into the power of and the governance by large digital platforms? Based on empirical and evolutionary analysis, the authors of the new publication “The Technicity of Platform ... read more
30 June 2021
Lost and found: transforming assistance at digital Deutsche Bahn
How does digitization relate to assistance? A mishap sparked a profound study on contemporary redistribution of assistance at Deutsche Bahn. When sociology professor Jörg Potthast lost his phone and wallet on a train in 2015, he found himself ... read more
22 June 2021
In the Spirit of Addition: Taking a ‘Practice + Approach’ to Studying Media
Are there limits to thinking with, and through, practice? Scholars across media studies talk variously of ‘everyday’, ‘situated’, ‘digital’, and ‘media’ practices as well as, increasingly, ‘app’ and ‘data’ practices. ... read more
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Wed. 26 January 2022
MGK-Research Colloquium
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Wed. 26 January 2022, 11:00 - 12:30
Werkstatt Medienpraxistheorie - Versuch einer praxeologischen Medienphilosophie: Was Medien(praktiken) über Medienpraktiken wissen: Workshop mit Jens Ruchatz & Kevin Pauliks
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Thu. 27 January 2022, 6 - 8 pm CET
Lecture Series: "Learning (in) Digital Media" - Caroline Sinders: "Feminist Data Set"
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Tue. 01 February 2022, 18:00 - 20:00
Lecture Series: "Learning (in) Digital Media" - M. Beatrice Fazi (University of Sussex): "Causality and the Future of Deep Learning"
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Mon. 07 February 2022 - Tue. 08 February 2022
Author's Workshop "Taming digital practices – On the domestication of data-driven technologies"
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Mon. 07 February 2022, 11:30 - 1:00 (CET)
Online Lecture: "Domestication Theory or Domesticating Theory? Some Reflections on the Life of a Concept" by Maren Hartmann (UdK, Berlin)
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