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Out now: Special Issue on “Taming Digital Practices”

Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a smart speaker, all of them require some time to settle into households. Modern mundane life is brimming with a variety of new data-driven technologies: digitally connected media such as vacuum robots, smart speakers, drones, and kitchen appliances are supposed to augment the practices they are involved in. As people integrate these technologies into their lives through a process of domestication, they adapt to them and are influenced by their presence. The thematic issue “Taming Digital Practices. On the Domestication of Data-Driven Technologies” of Digital Culture & Society, edited by Tim Hector, David Waldecker, Niklas Strüver, and Tanja Aal combines domestication research with empirical analysis of current digital and interconnected media, focusing on the process of taming with an emphasis on practices. In doing so, the issue brings together interdisciplinary perspectives, including media studies, sociology, anthropology, and human-computer interaction, among them a number of contributions from the CRC Media of Cooperation.

Edited by Tim Hector, David Waldecker, Niklas Strüver of the subproject B06 “Un-/desired Observation in Interaction: “Intelligent Personal Assistants” (IPA)“ (IPA)” and Tanja Aal of the subprojetc A05 “The Cooperative Creation of User Autonomy in the Context of the Ageing Society”.