Van der Vlist, Fernando N., M.A.

A03 & MGK Researcher
Universität Siegen

AH-A 214
Herrengarten 3
57072 Siegen

Telefon: +49 (0)271-740-5259
Fernando van der Vlist (MA University of Amsterdam) is a PhD candidate and research associate with the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre ‘Media of Cooperation’ at the University of Siegen and at the Media and Culture Studies department at Utrecht University. He is also a member of the Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam) and the App Studies Initiative. His research interests include software studies, digital methods, social media and platform studies, app studies, and critical data studies in open access, peer-reviewed journals such as Big Data & SocietySocial Media + SocietyInternet HistoriesSurveillance & Society, and Global Networks, and guest co-edited a special issue of Computational Culture on ‘Apps and Infrastructures’.
Fernando is as a member of subproject A03 on ‘Navigation in online/offline spaces’, which examines how sensor-based and increasingly autonomous navigation reconfigures current ideas about mapping, spatiality, autonomy, and movement. As part of this subproject, his research focus is on the specificity of digital sensor media, their infrastructures, and data operations and practices.
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