Van der Vlist, Fernando N., M.A.

A03 Researcher
Universität Siegen

AH-A 214
Herrengarten 3
57072 Siegen

Telefon: +49 (0)271-740-5259
  • Fernando N. van der Vlist, BDes (WdKA) MA (UvA), is PhD candidate and research associate, DFG Research Centre 1187 “Media of Cooperation” [German: SFB 1187 „Medien der Kooperation“], University of Siegen, DE; lecturer in New Media and Digital Culture, University of Amsterdam, NL (Dept. of Media Studies); and member, Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam). Additionally, he is an independent research-driven information designer and was previously affiliated with Utrecht Data School (Utrecht University, NL
  • His current research focuses on the social, cultural, and political significance of calculation in digital media. This includes the study of calculative devices, logics, analytical techniques and practices (particularly related to digital methods and the relations between calculation and decision making), and the production and circulation numbers and metrics within and beyond digital environments (e.g., Web, platforms, and apps). These are also central themes in his ongoing doctoral research project investigating cultures of calculation. Previous research on these topics has resulted in an original research article on commensuration and big data practices published in Big Data & Society (SAGE Journals), and a Research Master's thesis on the production of predictions in social media.
  • (2016) van der Vlist, F.N. “Accounting for the social: Investigating commensuration and Big Data practices at Facebook.” Big Data & Society, 3(1), pp.1–16. doi: 1177/2053951716631365
  • (2015) van der Vlist, F.N. “The Making of Predictions: Social Media-Based Prediction and Its Resources, Techniques, and Applications.” Scripties Online, Digital Academic Repository, University of Amsterdam.