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International Conference: “Sequence Analysis in Linguistics and Social Theory”
Thursday, 29. - Friday, 30 October 2020

The conference is being organised by P02 in co-operation with B06 and P01

The history of audiovisual sequence analysis starts with the development of recording technologies in the late 19th century. Some of the pioneers in the social sciences and humanities (in particular Boas, later Bateson) recognized their methodological potential, partly relating it to the concept of “innere Sprachform” (a link between linguistic structures and latent cultural patternings) in the tradition of Herder and Humboldt. Their work brought about a number of theoretical and methodological insights and inspired the development of artifacts, technologies, and transdisciplinary networks. This conference discusses the interplay of ideas, practices, and infrastructures in the history and contemporary use of sequence analysis in linguistics and social theory.

For access to the virtual conference or other questions please contact James McElvenny.