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Winter School – „Ethnography in Co-operation“
Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019, 11:30-20:00 Uhr Organisiert by Inka Fürtig & Jutta Wiesemann (project B05) and Samira Alirezabeigi & Mathias Decuypere (KU Leuven - Methodology of educational sciences)

The winter school is a collaboration between the University of Siegen (Inka Fürtig & Jutta Wiesemann; CRC Media of Cooperation) and KU Leuven (Samira Alirezabeigi & Mathias Decuypere; Methodology of educational sciences). The winter school addresses  a common research interest shared between the two research groups: How to scrutinize the role of digital devices in different social situations? Starting from this general interest, the winter school aims to address challenges associated with researching ‘the digital’ in a variety of contexts. In a half-day event, and by means of cooperative discussions between a selective group of ethnographers, the winter school more precisely focuses on the research phases after ethnographic data have been collected, i.e. phases of (and challenges associated with) ethnographic data analysis and interpretation.


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