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Werkstatt Medienpraxistheorie Sommer 2023

Vorträge und Workshops im Sommersemester 2023:

Dienstags um 18 Uhr (lecture)

Mittwochs um 10 Uhr (workshop)


Vortrag am 09. Mai – „The Hack and Leak and the Rise of a New Hacktivist Tactic“

Today, if the New York Times published an article covering how and why a hacktivist busted into a computer system, swiped data, and dumped it for the public at large, no one would bat an eye—the organization might even have used the email for some of their reporting. This tactic, however commonplace today, and used by hacktivist crew and nation-state alike, barely existed prior to 2011, even though hypothetically it could have, given existing technical and ideological conditions that had been around for at least a decade.

This talk will unveil the prehistory and history of the hack-and-leak tactic with a focus on material, infrastructural conditions, along with the prominent role played by the hacktivist collective Anonymous in popularizing what I argue is a novel tactic used only sparingly prior to the forceful appearance of the hacktivist wing around 2010. The hack-and-leak stabilized only in 2011, an exceptional year of political ferment characterized by waves of street-based demonstrations and the ascendancy of the hacker as a major geopolitical force. With Anonymous and WikiLeaks, hackers pushed the levers of power in new and far more consequential ways, making hack-and-leaks the stuff of foreign policy briefs and international relations debates. In this period, Anonymous hackers twice stumbled upon newsworthy documents that they then published on accessible platforms like the Pirate Bay or WikiLeaks. Their conspicuous brand of hacking—accompanied by catchy digital posters and videos—lured in media professionals who boosted Anonymous’s profile and by extension raised the profile of this mode of disclosure, ensuring that scattered instances of this method would crystallize into a template for emulation.

Workshop am 10. Mai – „Weapons of the Geek: On the Plurality of Hacking“

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Vortrag am 12. Juli- „Captured Populations at the Heart of Social Media“

Workshop am 13. Juli- „Discriminating Data“

Workshop von 14:00 bis 16:00

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