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Ringvorlesung „Interrogating Data Practices“ – Helen Kennedy (Universität Sheffield): „What do we know about what people think about data practices?“
Mittwoch, 02. Dezember 2020, 18:00-19:00 Uhr

Die Ringvorlesung wird bis auf weiteres Digital abgehalten. Der Zoom-Link für die Vorlesung wird rechtzeitig über die Mailingliste des SFB zur Verfügung gestellt. Gäste können sich per Mail bei Damaris Lehmann anmelden Sende eine E-Mail


Five years ago, not much ‘bottom up’ empirical research into people’s thoughts, feelings and experiences of datafication had been undertaken. But a lot has changed in a short time, and recent years have seen a proliferation of surveys, polls and qualitative research about such matters. Drawing on a comprehensive review of academic and grey literature on this topic, I will comment on some emergent themes and identify future directions for research in this area. These include: the affective dimensions of living data; whether more trust in datafication should be the goal; ideas about fairness; the importance of social inequalities and their absence in much of this research; and how the way that research is undertaken shapes what is found.

Helen Kennedy is Professor of Digital Society at the University of Sheffield. Over 20+ years, she has researched how digital developments are experienced by ‘ordinary people’ and how these experiences can inform the work of digital media practitioners. She is currently researching the datafication of everyday life. She is interested in perceptions of and feelings about data mining and related issues like trust, inequality and what good data practice might look like. She is also interested in the role of everyday visual representations of data and whether they can mobilise people to act.

Recent Publications: