Start of the 3rd phase of the CRC

We are happy to announce the official start of the 3rd phase of our Collaborative Research Center Media of Cooperation. We warmly welcome all members – a special welcome goes out to our new projects and new project members! We are very pleased to have the following project join our team:

A07 – Industry of Personal Data, led by Max Becker (together with Marcus Burkhardt)

B09 – Bicycle Media: Analyses of a Cooperatively Moving Medium, led by Julia Bee

P04 – Precision Farming: Co-operative Practices of Virtual Fencing, led by Kathrin Friedrich (together with Tristan Thielmann)

P05 – Social Interaction in Semi-Automated Road Traffic, led by Shadan Sadeghian and Kristof van Laerhoven

P06 – War Sensing, led by Migle Bareikyte

Ö – Public Relations: Researching and Designing Cooperatively, led by Julia Bee (together with Jutta Wiesemann and Martin Zillinger)

We look forward to our final four years of collaborative research, intensive fieldwork, methods development,  interdisciplinary cooperation, and final publications. In the coming years, we will once again advance our agenda to explore the relation between sensing & sense-making and the cooperative accomplishment of sensory media and develop our take on sensory praxeology. At the same we can draw on eight years of experience of working on cooperation and working cooperatively. As the DFG puts it in their acceptance letter: “The third funding period promises a rich harvest phase and at the same time marks a new beginning and perspectives for further research beyond the Collaborative Research Center.” (translation).