SFB 1187 ›Medien der Kooperation‹ an der Universität Siegen

CRC annual conference 2019 with international guests

The CRC “Media of Cooperation” invites international researchers to its fourth annual conference “Data Practices: Recorded, Provoked, Invented” from October 24 to 26. The conference addresses the contemporary challenges of praxeological media research in distributed digital infrastructures in six thematic sections. What constitutes a data practice and how are digital media technologies reconfiguring our understanding of practices in general? Autonomously acting media, distributed digital infrastructures and sensor-based media environments challenge the conditions of accounting for data practices both theoretically and empirically. Which forms of cooperation are constituted in, and by, data practices? What are the historical conditions of the possibility of current data practices? And how are human and nonhuman agencies distributed and interrelated in data-saturated environments? These and other questions are explored in a series of interdisciplinary contributions ranging from theoretical and historical reflections over empirical-ethnographic studies to design interventions.

Two keynote lectures by Celia Lury (University of Warwick) and David Ribes (University of Washington, CRC Mercator fellow 2019) will stimulate a broader discussion. Additionally, the first results of a long-term project to digitalize and visually interface the scientific estate of Harold Garfinkel will be presented by Andreas Mertgens and Patrick Sahle.

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