Decuypere, Mathias, Ph.D.

Guest Researcher
Universität Siegen

AH-A 206
Herrengarten 3
57072 Siegen
Mathias is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (KU Leuven, Belgium), where he leads the qualitative research track of the Methodology of Educational Sciences Research Group. Mathias’ research is concerned with how to scrutinize ‘the digital’ (broadly conceived) in a variety of educational practices. More particularly, he is developing qualitative research methods like Qualitative Website Analysis, Visual Network Analysis, Digital Sociomaterial Ethnography, and Digital Delphi Studies. These methods are informed by theories situated within the broad range of social sciences and humanities (e.g. Actor-Network Theory; Sociotopology; Sociomaterial Studies). Specific areas of interest include (European) education policy, Open Education, digital (e.g. BYOD) classrooms and higher education for sustainable development.
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