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Workshop – INF: “E-Infrastructures for Research Collaboration: The Case of the Social Sciences and Humanities”
Sunday, 26. - Sunday, 26 February 2017, 09:00-17:00 Organized Matthias Korn, University of Siegen; Marén Schorch, University of Siegen; Volkmar Pipek, University of Siegen; Matthew Bietz, University of California, Irvine; Carsten Østerlund, Syracuse University; Rob Procter, University of Warwick; David Ribes, University of Washington; Robin Williams, The University of Edinburgh

Collaborative research practices are a highly interesting domain for CSCW. So far, CSCW has mainly focused on computation- and/or data-intensive research endeavors. Here, resources are typically pooled via common e-infrastructures for data access and processing, a set-up requiring additional layers of coordination. Such a focus largely foregrounds the sciences and other fields that rely on highly structured (or structure-able) data and the routinized processes of analysis.

In contrast, in this one-day workshop we discuss the conditions and challenges characteristic of research collaboration in the qualitative social sciences and humanities (SSH). In particular, we examine the sociotechnical infrastructures that enable and support research practices that—in comparison with the collaborative paradigm of the natural sciences—tend to be less structured, compartmentalized, and routinized, but more fluid, flexible, and open-ended. The workshop seeks to collect empirical insights and design experiences, preparing the grounds for a comprehensive understanding of the role of e-infrastructures for collaborative research practices in SSH.

Link: https://eresearchinfssh2017.wordpress.com/



CSCW 2017 Conference
Portland, Oregon, USA


Dr. Matthias Korn
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