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Practices of Material Participation – Citizenship and the Politics of Social-Ecological Transformation
Friday, 01. - Saturday, 02 December 2017 Organized Teilprojekt B03

Civic engagement and political participation have undergone major changes over the past decades. Within political sociology, scholars have diagnosed decreasing numbers of “dutiful citizens” who limit their public engagement to voting and party membership, while a politics of protest and resistance by “critical” or “actualizing” citizens seems to have gained importance since the late 20th century. More recently, a third development of citizen engagement has been emphasized in the literature on citizenship, which focuses on various phenomena like creative or material participation, new forms of prefigurative lifestyle politics or socio-technical innovations. This third development becomes particularly visiblewithin the effort for social-ecological transformation: From the degrowth movement to urban gardens, from community-supported agriculture or repair cafés to web-based culture jamming or sharing initiatives, grassroots innovations aim to change local practices and production modes in order to prove the viability of alternative, “convivial” or sustainable ways of life. These developments still await further systematic empirical research as well as normative reflections evaluating new participatory practices from perspectives of critical social and political theories. Here, some crucial questions remain unanswered: Are these forms of engagement still political? How new and effective are they in terms of social-ecological change?


Convenor: Prof. Sigrid Baringhorst, Mundo Yang, Lisa Villioth, Jörg Radtke


Universität Siegen
Campus Herrengarten
Raum AH 217/18
Herrengarten 3
57072 Siegen


1 December 2017

Welcome, Prof. Sigrid Baringhorst (Siegen)
Project presentation: “What’s Political about Social Innovations? – Aspects of Community Supported Agriculture and Foodsharing” , Dr. Mundo Yang (Siegen)
“The Paradoxical Possibilities of Social Innovation in an ‘Alternative’ Place”, Dr. Noel Longhurst (Univ. of East-Anglia)
Coffee Break
"Social Movement Politics, Everyday Life and Socio-Material Change: Struggles in the ‘Sharing Economy'", Dr. Luke Yates (Manchester)
"Volunteering and Civic Action – Boundaries Blurring and Boundaries Redrawn", Prof. Adalbert Evers (Heidelberg)
Roundtable Discussion: "How Political are Material Practices for Social-Ecological Change?", Noel Longhurst, Sigrid Baringhorst, Adalbert Evers, Luke Yates
Dinner (by invitation only)

2 December 2017

Arriving and coffee
"Aesthetics and Politics of Repair", Prof. Vera Kuni (Frankfurt a.M.)
"Repair Cafés: Reflecting on and Acting on the Material Dimension of Consumer Goods", Dr. Sigrid Kannengießer (Bremen)
"New Urban Gardens between Real Utopias and Poverty Management: A Comparision between New York and Berlin", Dr. Christa Müller (Anstiftung Ertomis, München)
"Practices of Participation within Eco-Villages”", M.A. Anne Schwab (Siegen)
Coffee break
"Culture Jamming: Re-Doing Consumer Culture" - Closing Lecture and Discussion, Prof. Dr. Sigrid Baringhorst (Siegen)

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