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Conference: Synchronizing Data in Organizations
Thursday, 09. - Friday, 10 September 2021

Organizations have always produced and relied on a wide variety of different forms of data. Originating from different sources and times, they are aggregated and operationalized with the aid of technologies and become part of situated ‘data practices.’ Thus, data seem to be in constant need of synchronization to enable their harmonious  use across  places and times. At the same time, practices of synchronization within organizations themselves rely  on certain forms of data and data  processing technologies. 


This conference aims to investigate how organizations deal or have dealt with the temporal and socio-technical heterogeneity of various forms of data. How do new ways of data aggregation and processing adjust temporal patterns of work, governance, leadership, collaboration and decision-making, and how, in turn, do changing forms of cooperative planning and data practices alter what kinds of data (such as qualitative data, user data, sensor data etc.) emerge and are being used in organizations? How are organizational data translated, interpreted and related to other data?  What are problems, challenges and issues revolving around data and temporality in organizations? 


Organisation: Siri Lamoureaux, Tobias Röhl, Matthias Röhr, Cornelius Schubert, Axel Volmar der Teilprojekte A01, A02, A04, A06