SFB 1187 ›Medien der Kooperation‹ an der Universität Siegen

DFG approves funding for the 3rd phase of the CRC (2024-2027)

The DFG has decided: Our CRC 1187 “Media of Cooperation” has been granted funding for another 4 years, starting January 2024! We are delighted about the DFG’s decision and thank our excellent team of researchers for all the work put into the CRC, the application, the on-site review, the team building, and the fantastic research program. It was a collective effort!

We are also excited to welcome the new projects and PIs, and look forward to shaping more years of research on media of cooperation together, including a future focus on sensory media, artificial intelligence, and sensory praxeology. 

Let’s continue the collective work on media of cooperation!

Click here for the university’s press release (in German).

Click here for the DFG press release.