Sormani, Philippe, Dr.

P01 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Philippe Sormani (PhD in Sociology) is a senior researcher at the Special Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1187 “Media of Cooperation” at the University of Siegen, former co-director of the Science and Technology Studies Lab at the University of Lausanne, and associated member of the CEMS-EHESS in Paris. Drawing on and developing ethnomethodology, he has published on experimentation in and across different fields of activity, ranging from experimental physics (in Respecifying Lab Ethnography, 2014) to artistic experiments (in Practicing Art/Science, 2018) and infrastructure maintenance (in Repair Work Ethnographies, 2019). Currently, he is experimenting with ‘DIY AI’, educational technology, and media studies, in view of a new book.

  • Social studies of science, technology and media
  • Ethnography, ethnomethodology, video analysis
  • Epistemology of social sciences, interdisciplinarity and artistic practices