Lehmann, Damaris, M.A.

A04 Researcher

University of Siegen

Herrengarten 3

D - 57072 Siegen

Room: AH-A 207

Damaris Lehmann is a research assistant and doctoral candidate in the project A04. She studied social sciences, history and art history at the University of Siegen and wrote her master's thesis on the relationship between sociology and criticism and the shaping of this relationship from a pragmatist (Dewey) perspective. She subsequently worked at the University of Kassel at the Chair of Sociological Theory and conducted research on justification orders in the context of geoengineering. She was a short-term doctoral fellow at the Collaborative Research Centre "Media of Cooperation" at the University of Siegen, where she conducted research on the normalization of crises in public infrastructures. Her main interest in this context is the pathological in the normalization of crises and the conditions for their successful transformation.