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Selected talks from CRC annual conferences are online

A selection of talks from past CRC annual conferences can now be watched on the video portal of the University of Siegen. The 25 videos uploaded so far cover a broad range of topics across the conference themes of “Infrastructures of Publics — Publics of Infrastructures”, “Varieties of Cooperation” and “Data Practices: Recorded, Provoked, Invented”, including keynote talks by Hans-Jörg Rheinberger and David Ribes. The video collection is part of the new CRC public relations strategy in the second funding period which aims at addressing different academic and non-academic publics across various channels of communication, and simultaneously serves as one key element in setting up an institutional archive documenting the discussions on media research in Siegen for the years to come. Additional videos will be uploaded in the following weeks.

Direct link to the video collevction: https://video.uni-siegen.de/?f%5Bunit_ssim%5D%5B%5D=SFB+1187