Thielmann, Tristan, Prof. Dr.

A03 and P04 Principal Investigator and Deputy Speaker of the CRC

Universität Siegen, Herrengarten 3, 57072 Siegen, Raum: AH-A 225

Tristan Thielmann is Professor of Science, Technology and Media Studies at the University of Siegen and spokesperson for the DFG Collaborative Research Center 1187 “Media of Cooperation”, in which he is involved with the sub-projects A03 “Navigation in Online/Offline Spaces” and P01 “Scientific Media of Practice Theory”.

Tristan Thielmann studied Media Studies, European Media and Cultural Studies and Experimental Media Design and holds a doctorate in Communication Studies.

In 2008, Tristan Thielmann was a Visiting Fellow of the Software Studies Initiative at the University of California San Diego, in 2011/12 a Visiting Fellow at the Comparative Media Studies Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in 2015 a Visiting Fellow of the Digital Ethnography Research Centre at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Since 2016, he has headed the DFG Research Training Group “Locating Media” together with Carolin Gerlitz.

In 2018, Tristan Thielmann was appointed Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation for his outstanding contribution to research into the history of navigation.

  • Media Geographies
  • Ethno-, techno- and media methodologies
  • Media, social and technological history
  • Cultural Cartographies
  • Navigation Studies