A03 - Navigation in Online/Offline Spaces

© Fabian Stürtz


Principal Investigators:

Prof. Dr. Carolin Gerlitz

Prof. Dr. Tristan Thielmann


Max Kanderske

Fernando N. Van der Vlist


Dr. Asko Lehmuskallio

Dr. Marcus Burkhardt


The focus of the research project is the analog and digital map as a platform and calculative collective device for the interoperability of heterogeneous media. The aim is to determine the interactive relationship between spatial and media practices. This is to be carried out against the background of the analysis of three navigational media: a) US-American road books from around 1900, b) drone media, and c) crowdsourced maps and social navigation apps. Based on a comparison of these three corpora, an investigation is to be carried out into the question of which media practices facilitate the stabilization of navigation in online and offline spaces. The comparative analysis will reveal what contribution the cultural and social research on the praxeology of maps can make towards the transferal to mobile and connected digital devices. To this end, analog route maps will be subjected to a historical and praxeological analysis and digital navigation apps using digital methods will be respecified as ecologies of connected devices. Finally, it will be examined what contribution geographic practice theories can make toward a media practice theory.