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Workshop “Deixis and Indexicality: Audiovisual Data Practices around Karl and Charlotte Bühler and in early Conversation Analysis” by the Subproject P02
Wednesday, 28. - Friday, 30 April 2021

This workshop examines two crucial periods in the history of audiovisual data practices in the social sciences: Film analysis in a group of researchers around Karl and Charlotte Bühler (starting in Vienna, ca. 1924-1938, continued in exile in the USA) and early Conversation Analysis (starting in the 1960s in the USA). We will try to reconstruct practices of producing, processing and analyzing audiovisual data in these research contexts, but we are also interested in their reception, transformation and further development in later years. One shared theoretical motive in both contexts can be found in the related concepts of „deixis“ and „indexicality“. Both concepts have multiple historical precursors, amongst others in the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl, and play a key role in the work of Karl Bühler (deixis) as well as ethnomethodology and CA (indexicality). How they are related to practices of audiovisual sequence analysis is one of the central theoretical questions of this workshop.